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I subscribed to Cedega to see how well it handled my favorite PC games. Currently they offer a “subscription” service where you pay to download the software and receive updates. While some of their practices within the Open Source community are controversial, not everyone has a Mark Shuttleworth backing you up financially. This is one way to “coerce” community support. From my experience with trying to configure WINE myself versus using the Cedega environment, it’s the best choice for Linux gamers.

The Cedega HOWTO leaves a lot to be desired. Despite the lack of help documentation, the City of Heroes install went well. I was able to install it through Cedega and log in. Errors pop up but they can be ignored, mainly about the video card drivers. This computer is significantly better than my old Windows PC that I had used for gaming (an AMD Athalon 6!!), so compared to that, even emulated COH and COV run really well. The game is hosted, so if the server is busy, I do get lag.

Is Cedega worth paying for? If you want to run the games that are supported and you are intent on running them in Linux, then yes.

Written by missaugustina

March 6, 2007 at 6:31 pm

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