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Drunk on WINE

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I found a great “how to” for WINE on Ubuntu here:

FileMaker Pro 6 is now running on my Ubuntu machine at work via WINE. While it seems pretty stable, there some quirks. Dialogs that are lists (assigning a field value in a layout, Scriptmaker) are blank. However when I highlight a row I can sometimes see the text below (if that’s the way the interface works – in Scriptmaker’s dialog where you pick a script for instance) and it’s obvious the program “knows” what it is.

The functionality I’m focusing on is running finds and exports and viewing record data.

The biggest problem I am encountering and trying to find a fix for is searching on a calculated date from a related table. “Date Closed” is the “date created” value of the Last Action if “Last Action = Close”. When I search on “Date Closed” I can’t get a match on it!

Written by missaugustina

March 8, 2007 at 6:21 pm

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