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Firefox and Proprietary Codecs

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Yes you *can* play embedded proprietary codecs in Linux, thanks to Mplayer!

First, get the plug-ins!

1) Install Mplayer.
In Ubuntu, make sure you have extra repositories enabled. Open synaptic and type “mplayer”. Install the media player and the Mozilla plug-in.

2) Disable Totem’s plugins
I found a great HOWTO: HOWTO: Replace Totem as Mozilla Plugin.

Go to the terminal and type “cd /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins”.

In the HOWTO they suggest deleting or renaming the old Codecs. I created a directory called “totem-old” and moved all the totem plugins to that directory, just in case something was in there that I needed later.

Type “sudo mkdir totem-old” then type “sudo mv libtotem*.* totem-old”. You’ll get an error message but it will move the files.

Now make sure you quit all instances of Firefox (or whatever Firefox derivative you might be using). Reopen Firefox and visit a page that streams Quicktime – like and see if you can play movies! It should load Mplayer rather than totem.

Written by missaugustina

March 30, 2007 at 6:05 pm

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