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Python Game Development on Linux

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I’m currently curious about game programming (and artwork).  While I know C++ I am also interested in exploring viable Python alternatives.  Python is an easy to use language that would enable rapid prototyping, and I think it’s easier to read and maintain in the long run.

The options for Python game development I found are as follows:  <a href=>pygame</a>, <a href=>CrystalSpace3d CELstart</a>, and <a href=>PyOgre</a>.

Pygame is mainly targeted at 2D animation which is ideal for simpler games or just starting out.

PyOgre’s instructions indicate it will take 3-4 hours possibly over several days to compile and install on Linux (but they have a self extracting exe for windows developers).

CrystalSpace3d CELstart can be downloaded (and updated) via apt for Debian users  and has support for Blender via Blender2crystal (also available via apt).

The easiest one to get started with is definitely CrystalSpace3d.  Do not, I repeat, do not install ANYTHING before following the HOWTO.  If you already have CrystalSpace3d installed you might want to uninstall it then reinstall everything through the Blender2crystal-sdk.  I had a dependency problem and that’s how I resolved it.

There is a great HOWTO here for Debian packages:
<a href=></a&gt;

You can download some CEL examples from the CrystalSpace 3d site.  To run the examples, type “celstart xxx.celzip” from the directory where you downloaded the zip file.  Press ESC to exit.

Blender is a little quirky… no window frames or borders, and it’s full screen right away.  fun.. 😛  To make it usable I turned on auto-hide for the top and bottom toolbar space area.

My research for game development in Python on Linux has only just begun, but at least I’ve got the tools configured (I hope..).

Written by missaugustina

April 10, 2007 at 6:03 pm

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