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NXServer for Remote Desktop Access

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I had set up NX Server awhile ago for remote desktop access to my Linux machine and recently had to re-set it up again, so I thought I’d document what I did so that I don’t forget ;D

NXServer is an alternative to VNC.  It’s faster and served over a secure channel, which is important if you need to manage machines without a VPN.  Generally it’s easier to use VNC, but I thought it would be fun to play around with a different system.

It’s important to know that you need a GUI, preferably Gnome in order to do this.  Otherwise you might as well SSH.  Speaking of SSH you’ll need to install openSSH if you don’t have it already.  You can do that by going to your terminal and typing the following:
<code>sudo apt-get install ssh</code>

once you have that installed, you’re ready to get NXServer, et al..

NX Server is made by NoMachine.  You’ll need to go to their <a href=”″>Linux downloads page</a> to get a copy.  Select “NX Free Edition for Linux DEB – i386 ” to get .deb packages that can be automagically launched from Firefox.  You’ll need to download the Client and install it, then the Node, then Server.

Once you have installed those, you’ll need to set up a user for your connection.  I recommend using whatever user you already log in with.  If you need to create an additional user specifically for remote access, use the “useradd” command to do it within Ubuntu first.  In the terminal type the following:
<code>/usr/NX/bin/nxserver –useradd yourusernamehere</code>

You’ll need to install nxclient on any machine you want to be able to connect to your Linux machine.  There are both Mac and Windows versions available (Mac requires X11).  Also if you want more than 2 concurrent connections you’ll need to buy a license.

Written by missaugustina

August 28, 2007 at 5:56 pm

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