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Gutsy Gibbon.. to upgrade or not?

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I upgraded my home computer but I did not upgrade my work machine.

My home machine is a bare bones Asus system with a P4 processor and an Nvidia 6800 GPU.  Major changes were Compiz Fusion (I had been running Beryl and had to re-set everything up) and VMWare workstation.  VMWare workstation needed to be reconfigured and wouldn’t run properly.  The issue is addressed here.

Using the linked utility I was able to get things up and running on the home system, but without official VMWare support for 7.10 I’m not going to be upgrading my work computer just yet.

Reconfiguring Compiz Fusion was a hassle.  I don’t have my cool splashy water effects anymore 😦  However, now I can add more sides to my cube, and I did finally figure out how to make my firey windows multi-colored again.

The upgrade process itself was SUPER EASY.  Just click the upgrade button on the software updates screen.  You’ll want to hang around for about the first 10-15 minutes to take care of any dialogues.  Also be sure to update everything in 7.04 before running the upgrade.

Written by missaugustina

October 31, 2007 at 7:44 pm

Posted in Ubuntu

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