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Installing Flex On Ubuntu

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Install Eclipse

Do not install Eclipse from the Ubuntu repositories.  Navigate to and select Europa on the left-hand menu.  Download the Eclipse for Java download. Extract the .tar.gz file and move it to the /usr/lib/ directory. Create a symbolic link in /usr/bin to launch Eclipse.   “sudo ln -s /usr/lib/eclipse eclipse”  Also you can add a menu item under Programming to your applications menu.  Launch Eclipse to make sure the installation went smoothly.

Configure Sun Java

Follow this HOWTO:
Or follow the instructions to use your JDK of choice here –

Install Flex
Once you’ve configured Eclipse, install the Flex plugin for Linux –
Download the bin file and from the command line, chmod+x to make it executable.  Run it from the command line by cd’ing to the directory where it’s downloaded and run it by prefacing the downloaded bin file with ./ .  Example: sudo ./flexbuilder_linux_install_a4_081408.bin

Be sure to run this install script with root privileges because the installation will need to access folders that will require it.  During the installation you’ll be prompted for 2 different directories, one for the Flex install and another for the Eclipse root folder.  I chose the /opt directory for Flex installation.  On Ubuntu, if you installed Eclipse via apt the Eclipse root folder will be at  /usr/lib/eclipse .  Do not use the defaults the installation script is prompting.

Create a Project

Launch Eclipse and select File > New > Other…

A dialog should pop up with a list of wizards.  Expand the folder for Flex Builder and select your project type.

Note that I was unable to get this working with Eclipse 3.4 .  If you have a version of Eclipse installed from the Ubuntu repositories I highly recommend you completely remove it and use the packages provided by

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March 11, 2009 at 7:43 pm

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