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Vmware Workstation on Ubuntu Feisty 7.04

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Installing VMWare workstation was somewhat painless on Ubuntu.  I only had access to an RPM package, so I had to download Alien in order to convert it to .deb.

I searched for “alien” in Synaptic and installed it through there.  Once I’d done that, I opened up my terminal, went to the location where I’d saved the RPM, and typed “sudo alien –scripts vmware….rpm” (insert the filename where the ….’s are, the suffix is .rpm).

Once I had my .deb package, I double clicked it to launch the package installer.  Everything installed properly.  Next I opened up a terminal window and typed “vmware” since I didn’t see it in the menu.  I was prompted to run a configuration Perl script.  At this point, depending on what you want to do with VMWare you might want to download the PDF manual:

After running through that (I just used the defaults for most things), I found VMWare in the Applications menu under “System Tools”.  VMWare was unable to start because it couldn’t find the EULA.  I dug around and found a link to a .gz file that must not have gotten decompressed properly.  I uncompressed it, and ran VMWare again, this time successfully.

VMWare requires you to have a copy of whatever OS it is you want to install, in my case I was installing the OEM version of Windows XP that came with my machine.  I selected to create a new Virtual Machine, Windows XP Professional, 8 gig.  I inserted my installation CD and clicked to “run” my Virtual Machine.  At this point I was prompted to enter my VMWare serial number.  I did, and the Virtual Machine started reading the CD.

The UI is very helpful and intuitive.  I didn’t have to consult the manual for anything.

Written by missaugustina

August 20, 2008 at 5:44 pm

Drunk on WINE

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I found a great “how to” for WINE on Ubuntu here:

FileMaker Pro 6 is now running on my Ubuntu machine at work via WINE. While it seems pretty stable, there some quirks. Dialogs that are lists (assigning a field value in a layout, Scriptmaker) are blank. However when I highlight a row I can sometimes see the text below (if that’s the way the interface works – in Scriptmaker’s dialog where you pick a script for instance) and it’s obvious the program “knows” what it is.

The functionality I’m focusing on is running finds and exports and viewing record data.

The biggest problem I am encountering and trying to find a fix for is searching on a calculated date from a related table. “Date Closed” is the “date created” value of the Last Action if “Last Action = Close”. When I search on “Date Closed” I can’t get a match on it!

Written by missaugustina

March 8, 2007 at 6:21 pm